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Mater Dei Hospital (MDH), also known simply as Mater Dei, is an Christian hospital established in 1953, it provides health services and specialist services. It is a Private hospital located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Mater Dei Hospital is owned and operated by a Board of Trustees which include the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood.A Catholic Congregation or group which serves developing countries.

It all began with the Four Sisters from the Franciscan Missionaries of the Devine Motherhood. When the four Sisters came, they found just heaps of sand and brick, while construction took shape they would visit City Hospitals to tend the sick; Their home was with Dominicans in Lobengula Street Whose hospitality and care you simply couldn’t bear. In Bishop Schmidt who welcomed them, they found a friend so dear; The Clergy too, by word and deed, were helpful and sincere through all the years and changing times their service would not cease. Bishop Pius ministered God’s Justice, Love and Peace.

As sisters came by sea and rail they had some tales to tell Of crates and trunks and baggage, the kitchen sink as well. Police suspicions were aroused, they were checked from day to day but no contraband was found, and so, they waved them on their way, with bags unpacked they set to work and organized a scheme to shop and see and paint and scrub - this formidable team would take a risks with heights and weights, no Health and Safety care, No car or bike could they afford but walked from here to there.

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On the opening day more sisters came and helped with every chore, From Zambia, Australia and also Singapore, All things prepared, the guests arrived, and the Governor was there to cut the tape and make a speech and opening declaration.The Mayor came, the architects and builders in their best, The Medicos, the Clergymen, and many other guests.Bishop Schmidt gave opening benedictions and blessed the Hospital. Our fifty beds would soon be full with people who were ill; All hands were on deck, but we recall we would have problems still,For when we’d need some special thing we hadn’t used before We’d rummage round, at speed of sound, through pharmacy and store. Our Medicos so talented performed with greatest care; Day and night as babies came the Sisters would be there;They were prepared to nurse and cook, X-ray and Physio, Path Lab and laundry, office work, the pharmacy and store. 

With much to do inside and out and little time to spare Priority would have to be the best of patient care On two top floors the Sisters lived, they had no Covent yet, The funds were low in fact they were hundred grand in debt, The Hospital now grown to serve the people of each ageIts fifty years of healing work are written on life’s page. In friendships shared we’d learned a lot, and in the process grown.For all that was – our grateful thanks. 

The future God will show!Our current staff who work with zeal and dedication too,We thanks you all so very much for all the things you do.We pray the God will bless you all and each one’s family

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